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Prof. Nikolaos LABROU


Nikolaos LABROU

Prof. Nikolaos LABROU

Agricultural University of Athens


Nikolaos E. Labrou was born on March 22, 1970. He received the Chemistry degree from University of Patras (Greece) in 1991 and the doctoral degree from the Agricultural University of Athens (Greece) in 1997. He has conducted post-doctoral research in Leeds University (U.K., 1996-1998) and he is currently Assistant Professor in Agricultural University of Athens. The central theme of his research has been the development of affinity technology for enzyme purification, and enzyme engineering to create enzymes with improved properties. His work covers aspects of the entire range from pure to applied enzymology. He has addressed questions regarding affinity chromatography and the structure/function of a number of enzyme systems, using a combination of techniques on protein engineering, protein chemistry, structural modelling and molecular dynamics simulations. He has over 40 publications and he is actively involved in many international collaborations.

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