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Assist Prof Georg A FEICHTINGER

University of Leeds, UK

Georg Feichtinger is an alumnus of the Vienna Biocentre and graduated with a PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Vienna. During his MSc and PhD studies he worked at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute (LBI) for Experimental and Clinical Traumatology in Vienna, Austria, specialising in non- viral gene therapy for bone regeneration under the supervision of Prof. Heinz Redl. As a group leader of the Molecular Biology laboratory at LBI from 2008-2013, he was actively involved in numerous multi-disciplinary projects in regenerative and critical care medicine with industry, academia and international clinical experts. In 2013, he was a  awarded a Wellcome Trust ISSF Junior Development Fellowship at the University of Leeds, UK. In 2016, he was appointed as an Assistant Professor (University Academic Fellow, tenure-track) in Basic Sciences Related to Dentistry and Musculoskeletal Disease at the University of Leeds.His primary research focus lies in the preclinical development of novel drug delivery technologies and advanced gene expression systems for non-viral in vivo gene therapy using a combination of approaches ranging from physical gene delivery, nanotechnology, synthetic biology, developmental biology and biomaterials science, ultimately aiming at translating these advanced therapies to the clinic for patient benefit. Dr. Feichtinger holds several international awards, has published in numerous peer-reviewed publications in high impact journals in the field of regenerative medicine and holds a granted European Patent on Matrix-assisted Sonoporation. He was previously the chair for TERMIS SYIS EU (2012-2015) and was as TERMIS European Council member (2015-2016). Dr Feichtinger is an interdisciplinary scientist and entrepreneur, founder of the biotech start-up Phycosera LTD, acts as an industry consultant in musculoskeletal tissue engineering and is a visiting lecturer at University College London (UCL).




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