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Assoc Prof Andreas G TZAKOS

University of Ioannina | UOI · Department of Chemistry, Greece

Dr. Andreas Tzakos is Associate Professor of Chemical Biology at the University of Ioannina, Greece. During his MSc (2002) and PhD (2004) studies at the University of Ioannina he performed several long term scientific visits in research labs in Utrecht (Bijvoet center of Biomolecular Research) and Florence (PARABIO) working on the application of biophysical techniques in biomolecular systems. After a four years postdoctoral research in structural and molecular biology at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, and CNRS France, he then became (since 2010) a Lecturer at the University of Ioannina. In the following years, he was promoted to Assistant Professor (2013), tenured Assistant Professor (2017) and Associate Professor (2018) at the same department. The primary goal of his lab, accredited with ISO17025, is to understand biological processes at the molecular & atomic level, with the ultimate aim of using this knowledge to tackle specific problems in human health and disease with emphasis to cancer and atherothrombosis. His research encompasses a battery of approaches towards the design and development of smart molecular devices targeting rare cancers and atherothrombosis, drug repurposing, drug formulations to enhance stability and cancer selectivity, biodistribution for drugs targeting tumors, development of tumor responsive compounds, drug delivery vehicles and vectors tailored for personalized medicine in cancer. Following an interdisciplinary collaborative scheme he has taken his research from the discovery phases to potential therapeutic/diagnostic agents discovering a cancer biomarker, repurposing a drug and discovering several potent anticancer agents. His LC-MS based and ISO17025 accredited bioanalytical platform participates as the core platform for bioequivalence studies in the Atherothrombosis Research Centre of the University of Ioannina. He has 131 publications in international Journals (total I.F. 580) , h-index 26, 4 patents. He is the author of an academic book and has developed two softwares (one for predicting antidiabetic drugs and the second for predicting cysteine post translational modifications). He has received FEBS, EMBO, NATO, Marie Curie, Leonidas Zervas, Greek State Fellowship, Institute for The Study And Education On Thrombosis And Antithrombotic Therapy awards, Development Gap Fund (DGF) Award from the Medical Research Council Technology (London, UK), and in 2018 he was awarded of a prestigious Academy of Athens award.






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