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Dear Scientists and Delegates from Public or Private Sector,


We are pleased to announce that the second international “EURASIA BIOCHEMICAL APPROACHES & TECHNOLOGIES (EBAT) CONGRESS” which will be held from October 26th to 29th 2019 in Antalya. The first congress was successfully held between 27-30 October 2018 in Antalya. The 2nd EBAT congress will be the most comprehensive conference focused on the various aspects of Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Biomedical engineering and biomaterials. Our conference provides a chance for academic and industry professionals to discuss recent progress in the area and exchange ideas.

The main goal is to bring together world-renowned researchers and to promote quality research and the realization of these researches by combining the latest developments and innovations on a common platform in a real atmosphere of international cooperation between scientists, engineers and industry. In addition, we aim at encouraging the participation of young and successful students at the undergraduate level from various universities. Thus, by introducing the wonderful world of science to these young minds, we hope to make them realize the importance and hope to foresee their progress on this path.

The previous conference covered areas like Protein Purification and Technologies, Industrial Enzyme Applications, Biotechnology / Biotransformation, Bionanotechnology / Bioengineering, Molecular Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Biophysics / Bioanalytical, Biosensors and Bio-materials, Determination of Biological Activity, Biochemistry of Natural Products, Determination of Biomolecules and Metabolites and Biosorption. However, in our second congress, we will expand the scope and topics to explore trends and innovations that shape the future of health care and research and have included topics like stem cells, biomaterials and tissue engineering, biomolecular chemistry, exosomal-liquid biopsy and proteomics due to their necessity in the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of various diseases. The scientific programme will include invited presentations by a number of internationally recognized experts and oral/poster presentations from participants from different countries and many leading researchers in the field.

With a long tradition in welcoming people from all over the world, "ANTALYA", the host city, is among the most coveted destination, and hence the perfect place to hold such event.

We would like to thank you in advance for your contributions and interest to our congress and we are looking forward to welcoming you in Antalya from October 26th to 29th, 2019.


On Behalf of the Organizing Committee
Prof. Dr. Emel EMREGÜL            
2nd EBAT Congress Chair            


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